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April 2015
April 2015


  • 20.04.2016

    PhD PositionPhased Array Receiver Architecture for Communications and Sensing

    PhD Position

    The demand on tunable or reconfigurable components at micro- and millimeterwaves increased during the last years. Microwave devices like tunable varactors, filters, or matching networks for millimeter-wave devices like phase shifters for radar sensing or phased array receiver architectures are required. Liquid crystals as tunable microwave dielectrics can satisfy requirements for various applications.

    In combination with Schottky detector circuits, a key technology in the mm and sub-mm range, the realization of phased array receiver architectures for communications and sensing is planned. Together with the Liquid Crystal Team at the Institute for Microwave and Photonics, it is expected to combine results of tuneable phase shifters based on liquid crystal at THz frequencies, phased-array antennas and Schottky detector circuits.

    This thesis aims for real time measurements at a target frequency of 240 GHz with a bandwidth of more than 20 GHz as a part of the beam steering demonstrator in CELTA.

    The PhD program is part of the European International Training Network (ITN) CELTA: Convergence of Electronics and Photonics Technologies for Enabling Terahertz Applications. The consortium, consisting of 11 prestigious universities within Europe, aims for bringing the electronic and optical communities closer together.

    In the framework of the thesis, the PhD candidate will get closely in contact with the other consortium groups, including an extended research stay at two partner institutes, AALTO in Finland and DTU in Denmark. A close cooperation with ACST, one of the first European suppliers of ultra-fast Schottky diodes and circuits, is also planned.