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April 2013
April 2013


  • 13.03.2014

    Erfolg bei der GeMiC 2014 in Aachen

    Bei der GeMiC 2014 in Aachen erhielt unser Doktorand Arshad Mehmood den Best Paper Award für seinen Artikel „Dual Band Dielectric Resonator Antenna For Hiperlan Based on Transparent Glass Material“

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

  • 01.03.2014

    International Travelling Summer School 5-11th of July 2014 in Kopenhagen, Denmark

    The ITSS on Microwaves and Lightwaves will be held from 5-11th of July in Kopenhagen, Denmark. It will be organized by the Technical University of Denmark in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark.

    Usually about 20 professors and 40 carefully selected students take part in the ITSS. The official language of ITSS is English. The ITSS program consists of about 20 lectures, presenting the newest fields on microwave and optical engineering application and providing up-to-date coverage of fast developing microwave and optoelectronics fields to students. The lectures always include discussion time for students to interact with their professors.

    In the frame of the ITSS, participating PhD students can give a brief overview about their research. The program of the ITSS include technical and cultural visits, which give some information about the organizing country and helps participants to know themselves better.

    Students, that are in the last year of their Master course are invited to apply for participation.

    Additional Information: SummerSchool2014.pdf

    There will be a Information event on 10.04.2014, starting from 2 pm in S3 06 room 516 weiter

  • 22.10.2013

    Liquid Crystal Group featured in Electronics Letters

    On 10th of October, Electronic Letters featured ongoing research on integrated liquid crystal (LC) phase shifters carried out at IMP. The DLR funded project LISA ES in cooperation with TU München and industry partners shows promising results for ultra low-loss phase shifters which are interesting in particular for high power load applications such as electronically steerable satellite antennas.

  • 12.08.2013

    Leopold B. Felsen 2013 Award for Excellence in Electrodynamics

    Dogus University (Istanbul) and Leopold B. Felsen Fund (Boston) bestow an award for Excellence in Electromagnetics to promote contributions of the Turkish students/researchers to the field of Electromagnetics each year. Dr.-Ing. Onur Hamza Karabey is selected to one of the award receivers of 2013. weiter

  • 06.08.2013

    Springer Theses – the “best of the best”

    Dr.-Ing. Onur Hamza Karabey’s dissertation is selected for Springer Theses by publisher Springer. This promotes dissertations from internationally top-ranked research institutes as “Recognizing Outstanding Ph.D. Research”. Nominated and endorsed by two recognized specialists, each thesis is chosen for its scientific excellence and impact on research. weiter

  • 29.07.2013

    Literaturpreis der ITG 2013

    Dr.-Ing. Onur Hamza Karabey wurde der Literaturpreis der ITG 2013 für seinen Artikel “A 2-D Electronically Steered Phased Array Antenna with 2x2 Elements in LC Display Tecnology”, veröffentlicht bei der IEEE Microwave Theory and Technique in 2012, verliehen. weiter