Antennas and Adaptive Beamforming


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Zyklus: Wintersemester
Art: Vorlesung und Übung
SWS: 3+1
CP: 6
Sprache: Englisch
Lehrende: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Jakoby
Dr.-Ing. Martin Schüßler
Matthias Nickel, M. Sc.
Modulname: 18-jk-2020-vl


At the beginning, an overview of the most important antenna parameters and types as well as their applications is given to the students. During the next part, calculations of antenna parameters for dipole antennas, wire antennas and antenna arrays are carried out for the far-field region, because of its importance in practice. However, in the following section, the exact antenna radiation fields and antenna parameters for different types of antennas like horn and reflector antennas are derived from Maxwell´s equations in conjunction with numerical calculation methods. The last section deals with smart antennas in communication and radar systems, where the focus will be on beam steering and adaptive beamforming. To give an impression of the wide field of applications of antennas in wireless systems, there are many examples in the lecture and exercises, where a more detailed treatment of the fundamental forms and principals of antennas is carried out.

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Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design, by Constantine A. Balanis

Antenna Theory and Design, by Warren L. Stutzman,Gary A. Thiele


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Matlab Homework

The Matlab homework is optional BUT will account for 20 points of your final mark (100 points). Please notice, you should submit your homework before the deadline.

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