Terrestrial and Satellite Based Radio Systems

Terrestrial and Satellite Based Radio Systems for TV and Multimedia

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Zyklus: Sommersemester

Art: Vorlesung

SWS: 3+1

Betreuer: Margarita Puentes, Christian Mandel

The aim of this lecture is to give a basic physical knowledge of wireless communications, including satellite and terrestrial radio systems, in particular for broadcasting and multimedia applications. Systems of interest are the satellite based DVB-S, the terrestrial DVB-T especially in mobile applications as well as the LMDS and MMDS systems. Due to different propagation properties of terrestrial and satellite based radio channels for stationary and mobile applications several modulation and multiple-access schemes are considered as well as varying coding schemes.

To give an impression of the wide field of applications of wireless systems, groups of two to three students prepare small projects (exercise) in addition to the lectures. The solution to the given problem and the results are then presented by this group within a short talk (about 20 minutes) during the lecture. The slides of the presentation and a short written report of 2 to 5 pages may be taken into account as a part of the exam at the end of this lecture.

Time schedule

SoSe 2016

Course material

Course material will be provided in moodle.

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