The New Materials Electronics group explores the spin-orbit interaction in complex magnetic multilayer thin film systems. We deposit thin films by magnetron sputter deposition and focus on the emerging properties of combined metallic thin films with different magnetic characteristics, e.g. antiferromagnetic / ferromagnetic and non-equilibrium spin polarizations under electric currents.

Our current research interest is in:

  • materials and devices for neuromorphic computing applications
  • binary alloys with a large spin Hall effect
  • understanding the role of interfaces and atomic interdiffusion in spintronic THz emitters
  • field-free electrical switching in spin-orbit torque systems with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
  • electrical manipulation of the magnetic order in antiferromagnetic thin films
  • thermally assisted switching and degradation mechanisms in magnetic layer systems
  • design of magnetic domain and domain wall pinning for ultra-low power magnetization switching
  • understanding of magnetic exchange bias in special materials systems (e.g. MnN)