ALCAN Smart Antenna Systems

On-board internet access and satellite television reception can be provided properly to mobile terminals such as cars, ships and aircraft as long as they can stay in stable contact with satellites. In this context, low-cost, low-profile and low profile smart antennas are demanded, which can be integrated smartly or nearly seamless into the mobile terminal body. ALCAN smart antenna systems, which is being developed at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, has shown that the demanded antennas can be supplied by a novel antenna technology, having well‐established fabrication facilities.

Webpage: www.alcansystems.com

ACST Technology Solutions for Terahertz Electronics

Schottky is a key technology, needed not only in space and scientific instruments but in virtually all mm and sub-mm equipment. Commercial applications of Schottky devices have been limited for a long time to frequencies below 100 GHz, and these needs are satisfied by several suppliers worldwide. The availability is much worse for applications at higher frequencies, but it is cruicial for scientific and commercial manufacturers of mm and sub-mm hardware in Europe.
In the group of Prof. Hartnagel at the TU Darmstadt systematic investigations on Schottky contacts have been performed since nearly 20 years resulting in numerous achievements and experience in this field. Requirements for a reliable and continous source called for a shift from academic into industrial fabrication and ultimately for a spin-off company.
Consequently, the Advanced Compound Semiconductor Technologies (ACST) GmbH has been founded with the objective of providing a continuous source for Schottky diodes. By bringing this company into being a first European supplier for this fast evolving application area is now available, supporting and strengthening the research community.
The ACST GmbH is supported by Prof. Hartnagel and his long experience in this field. An appreciable support is also provided by Prof. Meissner and Prof. Jakoby.

Webpage: www.acst.de

Two-Chip Photonics

The Two-Chip Photonics AG is a german incorporated company. We develop and fabricate micro-mechanically tunable Laser diodes (VCSELs) with a large tuning range of more than 30 nm. Additionally, we offer various kind of services and technical support for the characterization of optical devices. For example, for the characterization of lasers, we can do linewidth measurements, RIN measurements, chirp measurements, system experiments in form of Bit Error Rate measurements up to 12 Gbit/s, etc.

Webpage: www.two-chip-photonics.com