Institute of Microwave Engineering and Photonics

The Institute of Microwave Engineering and Photonics consists of 3 research groups covering the fields of high frequency technology to optics: Microwave Engineering, THz Devices and New Materials Electronics. This makes it possible to open up the gap between electronics and optics in research. All disciplines work in a very technology-oriented way for the realisation of new and innovative component concepts.

Open PhD position on the topic „ ErAs:In(Al)GaAs-based Photoconductive Terahertz Device Arrays”

The Terahertz devices and systems laboratory offers a position (full time, E13, 100%) yet limited to a duration of 36 months with a targeted starting date of November 1st 2022 in the framework of the SFB/TRR 196 “MARIE”, project C07 and partially M01 ( The research topic are arrays of photoconductive materials based on ErAs:In(Al)GaAs for generation and detection of THz radiation (100 GHz-10 THz).

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Clean room facilities at the Institute of Microwave Engineering and Photonics

Picture:, Gerd Altmann


Journal of RF-Engineering and Telecommunications

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VDE ITG Fachausschuss 7.3 “Mikrowellentechnik”

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